Why forward-thinking Organizations & advanced Professionals USE Pobuca Sales?

Dimitris Rebis | 08/11/2016 | Sales Force Automation, sfa

7 questions answered the question: Why forward-thinking Organizations and advanced Sales Professionals USE Pobuca Sales?


  1. Configurability & Pricing:

 "- Will Pobuca Sales SFA solution, fits your special business needs ? At what cost ?"  


One of the main advantage of Pobuca Sales is the infinitely configurability. It is a fully customizable platform on all levels without limits, based on innovative technologies. Our platform flexibility, becomes your sales team's ultimate tool. Unique as you, will be personalized, branded with your company name, logo etc (personalized per user type also).

Pobuca Sales offers a broad range of functionality that addresses the needs of many different user types because of its deep application configuration capabilities and its ability to customize processes. Offers one of the most flexible pricing structures in the SFA market. It also offers a light cloud based version B2B sales ready product. It's your turn to discover for free..


2. Performance & cost reduction:

"- Is it possible that Pobuca Sales will increase your sales performance and will reduce operating costs ?"


Make sure that Pobuca Sales will boost your sales performance and reduce operating costs. In sales automation platforms Return on Investment (ROI) should be measurable. Removing the complexity of the Reps tasks and taking more error-free orders per day, increase your B2B Field Sales and average sales order. Help your sales reps be more productive, reduce times for orders management, elevate your brand and improve the relationship with your customers.

Reduce administration costs by fully integrating Pobuca Sales with your systems.


3. Integration and paperless processes:

“- Do you need to progress from paper-based sales systems to an effective mobile solution that has 2-way integration with your enterprise infrastructure ?"                                                          

A quick look at your dashboard is enough to tell you if you’re on target. All the critical sales information and reports you need in one place. All tasks and activities you have to do in the same place. In your own favorite Android mobile device.

Pobuca Sales solution, removes the complexity of paper sales reporting and provides, in real time, a clear view of sales activity every day. All your valued data are synchronized safe and secured on your ERP (2-way integration) and all your data in the mobile are up to date. Pobuca Sales solution except the mobile app, offers a powerful connectivity tool and an unlimited configurable desktop application as backoffice system. It's your turn to discover them...


4. Competitors & technology:

"- Do you want to be left behind by your competitors ?"     


Of course not. You can use Pobuca Sales solution to understand quickly where new sales opportunities lie, you can be sure this is exactly what your competitors are doing. We have the tools to discover them, it's your turn to discover us.

15+ years experience in consumer goods industry with a lot of successful implementations, incorporating best business practices - we know customer's needs and your competitors too.

To help you build a picture of competitor activity, Pobuca Sales take photographs from the shelf, tag them and ... a lot of other more innovative actions, using cutting edge technology that you now have to discover..


5. Map Customers & Improve Relationships:

"- Do you know about the new innovative tools that improve your customer management - relationship ?"


Pobuca Sales provides also Geo Data Technology (Customers Geolocation, GeoMarketing, GeoFencing, reverse Geocoding, GPS tracking). You can map your customers and planning whom to visit, when, and how to get there becomes a game (integrates with Google Maps GPS navigation app), and as you minimize travel time, your better mood reflects the relationship with your customers. Our customers are happy, now it's your turn..



6. Offline mode:

"- Do you know that the ability to work Offline, means no downtime ?"


Work free, Focus on what’s important and then Sync your data. Offline mode means no downtime. All functionality is available when working in offline mode. With Pobuca Sales mobile apps you can take an order when online or offline mode. Syncing of all sales, product, customer, and pricing details to (and from) your ERP system with full audit trail when you like. Start to gather the data you need to make decisions, regardless of the place, time or connectivity.



7. The brand of the leader:

"- What means the word Pobuca Sales?"


Pobuca Sales, or how to carry your Business in your Pocket ...

Pobuca Sales is a mobile, ultimate, modular and flexible SFA software solution designed to support field sales and merchandising in the execution of tasks designed to deliver on both the Perfect Store as well as field efficiency. Field sales are empowered to quickly manage daily in-store tasks, while management is able to analyze, execute, and optimize various sales strategies.

Pobuca Sales implemented successfully in a lot of countries (more than 1000 installations and 12000 users) enabling our customers to achieve success through advanced product features supported by our global design capability. Localized solution allow our clients to optimize field sales processes related to in-store activities for merchandising, sales and more.

Pobuca Sales offers an industry specific set of features that fulfill the core set of requirements for field sales execution like mobile Order taking, retail Merchandising, mobile CRM, Order Management, X-Van Sales, Data Analysis, Surveys, Geocoding, Campaing Management with Marera integration etc). For advanced requirements, the product is designed with a high level of configurability.


Now, it's your turn to carry your business in your pocket...


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