SQL SERVER 2016 –New Reporting Features (part 2/2)

Makis Gennouzis | 26/08/2016 | SQL, reporting, BI, Microsoft, SQL Server 2016

let's continue with some extra reporting features of SQL Server 2016


Ability of freedom positioning parameters

At this point it is appropriate to mention the possibility of free placement parameters provided by the new version.

In all earlier versions the placement of the parameters were static as shown below. 

In the new version we can place the parameters at any point we wish, as we see in the picture below. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time Microsoft has added improvements in parameters.

Brand new Web Portal

The most striking feature of the new version even though we left at the end, is the outset creation of the new Web Portal which is based on HTML5 and replaces the Report Manager. The new Portal provides many new capabilities for its users. Then we will give a presentation to the new environment and will see the most important features.

In the image below we can see how the Report Manager present in earlier versions.

In the following figure is presented the new web Portal which is replacing Report Manager.


Through this new web Portal we can manage not only simple reports (paginated reports), but also the reports of Power BI Desktop or Mobile Reports. We still can have some KPIs with useful information not only from predefined data sources and from any desired data source.

  • The user with the appropriate permissions, or the developer can easily format the user interface (UI) of the new web Portal using the background of their choice

In the above picture it shows the box through which the user can change the background of the web portal, and in the image below we can see a background for the company Xbox. The backgrounds can be designed with the insignia of each Enterprise Company or organization.


  • Furthermore, the new portal provides the ability to print the reports in all browsers that support ActiveX technology.

In addition it is possible to pin report items in Power BI Dashboards as we see below.


Once you press the "Pin to Power Bi Dashboard" button, then you are asked to choose which chart or gauge wishes to transfer to the Bi Dashboard. Then appears a window through which you can choose the Group, the Dashboard and the frequency that you want to update the chart or gauge, as we see in the screen below.

Create mobile reports (SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher)

Finally in this version of SQL SERVER 2016 is provided also the ability to create mobile reports through SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher. This is a Desktop app, which runs from the web Portal. To create mobile reports the developer or the users with the appropriate security authentications can get data from on-premises SQL Server or Excel workbooks or from another data source. Then you can save them in the Reporting Services web portal and display them in a browser, or through the Power BI mobile app on an iPhone phone, iPad or Android. The screen below shows the User Interface of this application.

In the center of the image we see the length and breadth that we have at our disposal to build the report. In a mobile report I can choose through KPIs, charts and gauges.

Above and right, the developer can choose the type of device depends on his willingness. There are three options (Master device, tablet and mobile) for build the report. Above and left in the figure, the developer can choose data source through on-premises SQL Server or Excel workbooks or from another data sources.