The top 10 reasons to choose “Pobuca Sales” as your favorite SFA tool

..and a bonus subpost at the end, about po©ke...


1) Immediate shipment orders.

     Significant reduction of delivery time of products and customer satisfaction.


2) Minimize errors.

     Automatic registration of information and data, reduces the likelihood of errors.


3) Effective sales.

    The use of tools and information provided, help vendors to increase their sales.


4) Reduce operating costs.

     The automatic registration of orders reduces existed operational costs.


5) Improve customer relationships.

     Better and faster customer service leads to the improvement of their relationship with the business.


6) Rational management of stocks.

     Vendors may at any time control the quantities of stocks and accordingly to fulfill orders.


7) Collection of useful information.

     The information entered by sellers daily, help to necessary information for proper administration of the           department.


8) Complete information for the customer.

     The seller may have to pocket all the necessary information for the client.


9) Customization is possible.

     The application can be customized depending on the requirements and business processes.


10) Selects communication.

       The company may choose between three possible ways of communication depending on its needs.


Bonus subPost:

Please don’t play PokeMon on a Pobuca Sales pda!

Pobuca Sales is also very addictive and you gain money from your customers instead of monsters.

  • It makes the business sales process, a profitable game…
  • You can collect a lot of new leads out there and use geotagging for this (next blogpost will explain how to). Some of them are really monsters too ;-)
  • Pobuca Sales uses much less battery power and works offline. You can go online, only when you want, so there is a cost reduction vs the always online data hog game.
  • It is safer for you and for your data. Ask for the cloud approach.
  • With the game you can lose focus on important things. With Pobuca Sales you will always focus on the target of your sales.

After that you can play your favorite game…

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