Some advanced features of Pobuca Sales, about leads… (Geo Data technology)

Dimitris Rebis | 08/02/2017 | geotagging, gps, sfa, lead, taxis, reverse geocoding

1. AutoFill selected customer/lead fields, with accurate data given by the local Revenue Service (when creating or modifying the client's data)

A Value Added Tax Identification Number (VAT or VATIN) is an identifier used by the Revenue Service in many countries (such as the countries of the European Union) serving value added tax purposes.


Pobuca Sales uses this number, to access the Revenue Service and check its validity via a special web service (available in specific countries too).

Additionally, the particular service enables automatically and accurate update of important fields available in the customer's form.

No typing is required! Connect your device to the Internet and press the cloud icon in order to call the web service.

Take a look of a sample screenshot of the new customer feature, which is also fully customizable!

More info about the specific Greek web service:


2. Reverse Geocoding

It is possible to automatically obtain our customers' address details and fill in the relevant address fields (such as area, city, postal code etc.)  using the GPS stigma. To capture the current GPS stigma and collect the desirable info, the user can just press the GPS icon. 


This achieves automatic filling of the customer’s details info associated with the location, based on salesman’s current location (when creating or modifying the client).


Documentation about Geocoder for developers (reverse geocoding): http://developer.android.com/reference/android/location/Geocoder.htm

Example of use: http://developer.android.com/training/location/display-address.html

more about Pobuca Sales:   http://sales.pobuca.com